The Paul Harris Society is not something new to Rotary because many districts have had such a program in place for some­ time, but it is pretty new to District 6060. We began in the 2005-2006 Rotary year.

The purpose of the program is to encourage Rotarians and friends to pledge a minimum of $1,000 per year to the Annual Fund of our Rotary Foundation. With this, the donor will receive a special metal ribbon that can be attached to a Paul Harris pin. The donor will also be able to designate who will be honored by their donation, and if for some reason finances do not allow a donor to continue in the Society, they may withdraw at anytime.

We continue in our belief that Every Rotarian, Every Year should be striving to give $100 to the Annual Fund of our Rotary Foundation. It is through the efforts Every Rotarian, Every Year that District 6060 exceeded $100 per member in support of the Annual Fund during the 2004-2005 Rotary year and every year since. Many in our district would like to see us be able to award more Ambassadorial Scholarships or have more funds available to give to our clubs as Community Assistance Program grants, or have more funds to use on other Rotary Foundation Grants. We hope that by offering membership in the Paul Harris Society, we will find some Rotarians willing and able to give more each year, to help us reach higher levels of giving, and thereby we will have more funds for our use on educational and humanitarian programs of our Rotary Foundation.

The Paul Harris Society of District 6060 is one way for us to say “thank you” to our Rotary Foundation for what we have received and to ensure that we will be able to continue working to improve the lives and living conditions of people who are less fortunate within our communities and around the world.

Paul Harris Presentations